Arthur McCluskey

On Saturday, I received a phone call from Wayne Weible. He informed me that Arthur McCluskey, founder of St Joseph & the Helpers Charity died unexpectedly at his home in Ireland at the early age of 67.

Arthur was an amazing man and friend. We are going to miss him. Medjugorje was Arthur’s second home, because of his conversion and healing in Medjugorje. Due to this healing he was inspired to start St. Joseph and the Helpers Charity in 2005.   

His Charity has raised considerable funds and completed many projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina. If you have traveled to Medjugorje with Wayne Weible, you have visited one of the orphanages which was one of the projects of St. Joseph and the Helpers. 

If you would like to make a donation to Arthur’s charity in memory of Arthur, you can do so at 

I know this would make Arthur very happy. He was a hard working man, always trying to raise money for his organization.
 If you would like to read his book,  My Healing from Gambling and Alcoholism in Medjugorje,  which includes his remarkable witness story it can be downloaded at the charity’s website:  
Arthur’s funeral is due to take place on Wednesday.
May he rest in peace. 

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  1. Our deepest sympathy to the McCluskey family for their loss. We enjoyed his company on our trips to Medjugorje. His conversion story is powerful. It is wonderful that he was able to share his story with us on our trips. He will be missed.
    Karin & Gerry Duffy

  2. I knew very well , he was to visit my sister Sarah Ann in a Home in Ireland on the 19Aug and that was the date my friend called to tell me the sad news of Arthurs passing RIP , Arthur was truly a great man , he cwill be missed , Mary Harrington

    1. Arthur was an amazing man with an amazing story. He is missed by all who knew him. He truly gave his life to Our Lady and Jesus after his conversion in Medjugorje. We are blessed to have known him. Lets continue to pray for his soul. We know he is praying for us. thanks and God Bless, Mary Maddox.

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