Risen Christ Statue stops weeping after 8 years

News from Medjugorje is that the right knee of the Risen Christ sculpture has stopped “weeping” and has not done so for the past three weeks. With heavy rain in Medjugorje recently, does the cessation pose a question to those who consider the “weeping” phenomenon is linked to moisture levels in the vicinity?

The flow of water from the towering sculpture began in 2002 and no “official” explanation has ever been offered by the parish authorities amid claims of the miraculous. There have been other times that the flow has temporarily ceased but not for such a length of time as now.

Many questions have been asked over the years as to just how is it possible for water to seep from the knee so consistently and in all weather climes.

Varied theories are put forward, but none ever provide a conclusive explanation, hence the claims that the happening is ‘miraculous’. Some even maintain that the water has resulted in ‘healings’.

But on this possibility, one observer wisely comments: “The water dripping from the wounded knee may be likened with the spring in the grotto at Lourdes. Both sources may have a natural explanation, but this does not preclude divine intervention and miraculous cures.”

© photo bernard gallagher

SOURCE:  http://crownofstars.blogspot.com/2010/09/risen-christ-sculpture-has-ceased.html

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  1. Our faith is not based upon the signs and wonders, altho’ we do love them. We are being led by Our Lady to spread and live her messages. Be her Apostles. Amen and Praise God for Our Gospa.

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