Novena prior to the 29th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions

Up to this point, parish of Medjugorje has been visited by increased number of pilgrims from all over the world. We have confirmation of that in the number of Holy Communions at the Holy Masses and in the number of priests as well. Number of pilgrims is especially increased in this time of Novena prior to the 29th Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitons. Information Office notified us about groups that arrived from Germany, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, United States, Singapore, Czech Republic, Ireland, England, Canada, Korea, Mexico, Portugal and Brazil. Many foreign priests are confessing since early morning, and before noon they celebrate Holy Masses in their own language. Pathways on the Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain are too narrow for all of the groups that climb those hills since early hours every day.
On Tuesday, June 15th Novena began and we pray Rosary on the Apparition Hill at 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Evening prayer programme begins at 6 p.m. with Rosary and Holy Mass that is simultaneously translated in several languages is at 7 p.m.
Amongst many respectable people that are coming to Medjugorje lately were the members of the oldest Croatian cultural institution – Matica Hrvatska. After the Assembly that was held on June 19th, they came to parish church and participated in the evening prayer programme. Special reception was held for them in the parish office after evening prayer programme. Source:,3067.html

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