Ivanka’s talk at Notre Dame, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010
St. Bede the Venerable, St. Gregory VII, St. Mary Magdalene de ‘Pazzi

Dear Family of Mary!

“Today I wish to give you my love.  You do not know, dear children, how great my love is, and you do not know how to accept it.  In various ways I wish to show it to you, but you, dear children, do not recognize it.  You do not understand my words with your heart, and neither can you understand my love.” (May 22, 1986)

The visionary Ivanka Elez spoke of Our Lady’s love very eloquently on Saturday night of the conference at Notre Dame.  But she was not comfortable with being videotaped or with being on the internet, live.  So we obeyed her wishes, and did not stream her talk.  We were very sad that we could not share her beautiful presence with you all.  But she was not comfortable with it.  She did give us permission to transcribe her talk and share the content with everyone.  So I am sending you that transcript today. 

I must say that when Ivanka spoke, her voice carried with it the tenderness and gentleness of Our Lady in such a way that much was communicated without the words.  She spoke in Croatian, and Milona Von Hapsburg translated into English.  But just listening to her sweet voice speaking in Croatian was a beautiful experience.  Her love and unity with the Blessed Mother is communicated through the inflections of her voice.  It was beautiful!  Pray that one day Ivanka will let us stream her talks to the world!

Here is Saturday night’s talk:

Ivanka, Saturday night at ND 2010

Translator,   Milona Von Hapsburg

We shall begin with a prayer first.  One Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be

(Ivanka led the prayers in her sweet Croatian voice)

My Dear Friends. First of all I would like to greet you with the most beautiful greeting: Praised be Jesus and Mary!  (Now and forever!) 

It is dear to me to be with you here tonight and that I may bring to you what the Mother of God is asking of us.  Since 29 years I wonder and I ask myself every day, “God why did you choose me?  Why did you give me such a big, big gift? And at the same time such a big, big responsibility?  And until today I don’t know why you gave that to me.”  I just ask Him; I pray to Him, that He may give me the strength so that I may go on the path that He is asking of me.  Because, I can tell you, it is such a big responsibility for me to stand before you people who live on this globe, in this world today.  And one day, also, my responsibility will be to stand before Him.  I am a normal, mortal person like you are.  I just simply pray that He will give me the strength to go on the path that He is asking of me. 

I come from a normal, Christian family where we pray to God every day, like every other  normal house. Never before had I heard that Our Lady had ever appeared or that she could appear.  And even less, how could I ever see her.  In 1981, my family was living in Mostar.  And Mirjana was in Sarajevo.  After school when the holidays were on, we came to Medjugorje.  That 24th of June was a normal feast day; it was St. John the Baptist.  In our house, in our area, we have the tradition that nobody works at anything on feast days and on Sundays.  Those who can should go to Mass, and after Mass the parents rest and the children are free.  But we were not allowed to go into the fields.  We had to go outside of the village.

That afternoon, Mirjana and I went outside of the village and we were waiting for the other children to join us.  We were walking and talking and chatting like normal 15 year old girls would.  She was talking about what was happening in Sarajevo and I was telling her what I was living in Mostar.  It became boring to wait for the other children so we turned and began to walk home.  While we were walking home, something moved me to look towards the hill.  When I looked, I looked at the Mother of God.  Until today I don’t know why I was aware and understood, so that I said, “Mirjana…”  I wasn’t even conscious of what I was saying.  I said, “Mirjana, The Mother of God, look!”  She didn’t even look, she just said, “What rubbish are you talking, what do you mean, Our Lady?”  And I just kept quiet and we continued walking.

When we reached the first houses, we met Milka, Marija’s sister, who was going to watch over the sheep.  I don’t know what she saw on my face.  She just asked me, “Ivanka, what happened to you?”  We returned together, and I told her what I had seen.  And both of them, Mirjana and Milka, were laughing with me, making a bit of fun of me, talking with me.  And I just kept quiet and we continued to walk to that spot.  When we reached the spot, the two of them looked.  They saw what I had been seeing.  Our Lady stood there, about 400 to 600 meters away from us.  And with her hands she was making signs to us and calling us to come closer to her.  I say that the emotions that were mixed up and welling up in us, there were tears, there was laughter.  There were prayers, there was singing.  But fear took over and we didn’t decide to go up closer to her. 

Vicka had been coming closer to us and she saw that something strange was happening to us.  We told her, “Come on, get closer, we see Our Lady!”  When she heard that, she just left her shoes, standing right there, and ran home.  (laughter)  And then, on her way home she met two boys, called Ivan- Ivan the visionary of today, and the other boy, a bit older also called Ivan.  And she told them what we three were seeing.  And they made comments of the sort, “What rubbish are you talking? Who sees Our Lady?  What, where and how?”  And Vicka somehow gathered the strength and came back to us, with them.  Now there were more of us, and still we did not decide to go up towards her.  Today I don’t know how much time we spent there.  I just know that some of us went home and some of us went to the first house of the village, where they were celebrating the name day of St. John. 

We just sort of flew into that house full of fear and tears, and we said that we had seen Our Lady.  I will never forget that.  I remember this bowl with apples standing on the table there, and I remember that they began throwing those apples at us!  (more laughter)  And they told us, “Don’t play with these things. Are your normal, are you crazy?  Run home and never speak to anyone about this.” 

I came home and I told my grandmother, my sister and my brother what I had seen and what had happened.  And my brother and sister were making fun of me, playing with me, and didn’t take it seriously.  And my grandmother said, “My daughter, this is not possible. Certainly this was somebody watching over the sheep up there.”

I say that never in my life did I live a longer night.  I questioned myself constantly, “Am I crazy? What is happening with me?  Did I really see her?”  All our elders said that this is not possible.   That evening the word had gone out about what we six had seen.  The next day a river of people was flowing into that place.  And we went also to that spot.  And I remember Grandmother holding me by the hand and saying, “Whatever is up there, you are not going.”  But when we looked, a light flashed three times.  WE six visionaries went up to the hill so quickly that nobody could follow us.  There are only rocks and thorns and we felt nothing, so quickly we went up.  And when we came close to her, I could only say that until this day today, never did my eyes see anything more beautiful. 

A young person, 19 or 20, 21 years old,  She was wearing a gray dress, a white veil, and has a crown of stars around her head, beautiful warm blue eyes, and black hair.  And she floats on a cloud.  That feeling, that love, that peace of God, that motherly security — I tell you I have no words to tell you what was going on within me.  In that moment I knew for sure that she was, and is, the Mother of God.  So God gave me the grace to be the first to see her.  And I was also the first to address the first words to her.  Two months before that day, my own mum had died.  And so then I asked her, “My dear Lady, where is my mummy?”  She smiled, and said, that she is with her.  Our Lady looked at us six, and told us to never be afraid of anything.  Because she will always be with us.  In the meantime, the people had joined us.  They saw that something strange was happening with us.  In the morning when they had met us, they told us to take some blessed water and some blessed salt, and sprinkle what we were seeing.  And when Our Lady came, Vicka sprinkled her. And she said, “If you are from God, stay with us, and if you are not, go away from us.”  And Our Lady smiled.  And she said, “I am the Queen of Peace.”  Her first message was “Peace.”  After that she called us to prayer, to conversion, to fast, to penance, and to Eucharist.  Since the first day until today, those are the most important messages of Medjugorje.  I say, for the ones who live them, they will find their answer to their questions in them. 

From the first time, Our Lady asked us to pray the Creed, seven Our Fathers, Hail Marys, and Glory Bes, every day.  Then she asked us to pray one rosary per day.  And that we may fast for one day per week.  Later she asked us to pray a second rosary a day, and fast a second day in the week.  And then she asked us to pray all three rosaries every day.  I feel that is like when a child is being born.  Our Lady wishes to teach us how to pray.  She said when she asked us to pray the 7 Our Fathers, that is like when a baby begins to crawl and then walk, that is one rosary. And then slowly but surely when a young man stands on his own feet, it is the whole rosary and everything every day. 

Our Lady tells us that with prayer and fasting we can also avoid wars.  She calls us to pray with the Heart.  And many ask us and ask themselves, how can we learn to pray with the heart?  I say, very simply, pray to learn how to pray. 

On the 7th of May, 1985 it was my last daily apparition.  In that moment Our Lady stayed with me for the longest time ever, she stayed one whole hour.  She gave me the 10th secret.  Concerning the 10 secrets, there is one secret that we all know in common.  We visionaries know that there will be a sign on Apparition hill.  The other secrets may be the same or the may be different.  I do not know that.  On the 7th of Mary, 1985, Our Lady told me that I was no longer going to see her every day.  That I would see her only once a year.  Since 1985 until this year, I see her only once a year, on the 25th of June. 

Many ask me, “What is it like to see Our Lady?”  I say it is beautiful.  it is wonderful to see her with the eyes.  But my dear friends, if it were to just see her with the eyes and not see her with the heart, from inside, then it would mean nothing.  My closeness and your closeness to Our Lady are exactly the same.  My prayer and your prayer are exactly the same.  I am not closer and not further away than you.  Everything depends on me, and it is exactly the same for you.  I say that all of us people who wish to change their lives, the first step to do that is reconciliation with ourselves.  We can do that with holy confession.  And then we can go into the church, and after my talk there will be adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  And that is the biggest sign, this is Jesus, alive!  And it is only up to us to open up our hearts.  And when we open our heart, and when we begin to live what He and She ask of us, then we will begin to wonder afterward, “How could I ever live without this all those years?” 

All the difficulties of life, the problems of life, the sicknesses, everything is easier to be carried when they are with us and close to us.  It all depends only on us.  On the 7th of May, 1985, Our Lady gave me a tremendous, tremendous gift, for me personally, but also for the whole world, I believe that every person wonders “Does life after this one truly exist?”  I stand here before you like a living witness.  I can testify that this exists.  This life here is like a way, a path towards eternity only.  Because Our dear God and our Dear Our Lady gave me that grace that I could see my own mother.  I saw her like I see you right here before me. She embraced me.  She told me, “My daughter, I am proud of you.”  And I say, for 29 years heaven opens.

Our Lady calls us, “Dear children.  Return to the right path, the path of peace, conversion, fasting, and penance.  That is the right path.”  In one message Our Lady said to us, “Dear children, if you knew how much I love you, you would cry for joy.”  And we are people, just the way we are.  We are the way, that when everything is well, and we are doing well, then we don’t really ask where God is.  We set him to the side.  We are Christians on the paper, but we don’t go to Mass.  But when we receive crosses, then we say, “Well God where are you?”  He is here; He is with us; it is only up to us to open up our hearts.  Let us go forward and everything will be lighter.

Of the six of us visionaries, each of us has our own calling.  Some pray for sick people, another one prays for the young people, another one for priests, some pray for those who have not yet known the love of God.  My mission is to pray for families.  Our Lady is calling us to respect the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  That we may renew the prayer in the family.  That we go to Mass on Sundays.  That we go to confession monthly.  What is very important is to put the Bible in the center of our families.  Every day I pray for all the families in this world.  In the same way I ask you to pray for our families. 

We shall now pray and thank God for all of us here.  Let us make the first step, like Our Lady called us, to pray the 7 Our Fathers, Hail Marys, and Glory Bes together.  A first step together.  (We prayed the prayers slowly together)

May the Queen of Peace be with you, throughout your whole life.

In Jesus and Mary!

Cathy Nolan

Source: marytv.tv

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