Youth Festival Recipients, Caleb and Joshua Maddox

Caleb (left) Joshua on right

Caleb Maddox has already shown he is living with the Lord. At just 12, Caleb found out that his friend Joshua, who was living in Foster Care, was going to be split from his sisters and moved out of the county. When Caleb’s parents asked him how he felt about letting Joshua live with them, he agreed. He agreed to this, knowing he would have to share his parents, his room, his cousins, his grandparents, and his life. What an unselfish act at such a young age.  Joshua, such a loving caring young boy, has bonded with his new brother and they would do anything for each other. They now have lived together for 3 years, and you would never know they aren’t blood brothers. They even resemble each other, God works in mysterious ways. Caleb(14)and Joshua(15) are both freshman at their High School and they are being confirmed on June 13, 2010. Caleb and Joshua play sports all year long and maintain an A-B average. Caleb wants to be an engineer and Joshua wants to do something with sports. They are loving and caring boys who have lots of friends and they would do anything for anybody. Joshua and Caleb are planning on making the pilgrimage to Medjugorje for the Youth Festival. This is the question I asked the boys about their pilgrimage.

What are you looking to get out of your visit to the Medjugorje Youth Festival?

Caleb- I can’t wait to climb Cross Mountain barefoot. I have heard so much about Medjugorje from my Mom and sisters and I can’t believe I am going this summer.  I look forward to seeing everybody showing their faith and love for the Lord, and I hope to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. I hope I see a miracle of some kind.

Joshua – I think it is going to be great. I can’t believe I am going. I don’t know what to expect but I look forward to seeing and experiencing everything.  I hope to get closer to Our Lord and strengthen my faith.

The boys will be taking everybody’s name, who has donated to the Youth Program, to the top of Cross Mountain. They will sit and say a special prayer as they read the names aloud.  Wayne will then give the names to be present at an apparition for prayers. We still need your help. If you would like to donate, please mail your contribution to Medjugorje Youth Program, PO Box 10, Hiawassee, GA  30546 or visit our website

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