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you can send your petition of intentions, via email, directly to the Information Center in Medjugorje. The Information Center collects them and will make sure they are given to either Vicka or Ivan to be presented to Our Lady during one of their daily apparitions.Although hundreds, and sometimes thousands of petitions are offered to Our Lady at one time, Our Lady knows the content of each petition. Our Lady tells us that she will pray with us and intercede for us before her Son Jesus for our intentions. After every apparition the petitions are burned.


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  1. Please pray for the lives of all the unborn, that they may have a chance at life.
    And please pray for America, that God will somehow touch the hearts of our politicians and turn them away from their liberal agenda!

  2. Dear Jesus,
    I (Brian K) ask that you pray to put my marriage back together. Have my wife Sharon be overwhelmed with memories
    – of the loving acts she and I had together as husband and wife
    – loving acts I had with our kids
    – loving acts that I had with us as a family
    and allow these memories to flood her body and mind. Let heart be soften with LOVE FOR ME AGAIN AS A HUSBAND.
    I am personally taking action in my hands also besides praying I am regaining my faith with you by going to church and going to a counselor.
    ** THANK YOU for your prayers on my behalf

  3. Please pray for my daughter to be able to buy her house before the end of May, and to be able to receive the grants and be able to pay my sister back the money. Please pray for my granddaughters, specially Emma who is an unborn baby, and Hannah who is only 18 months. Also pray for my son Eduardo and my son Jeffrey.

    Thank you

    Maria Castro

    1. I will keep you and your family in my daily prayers. I also will take these names and say a special prayer on top of Cross Mountain, and give the requests to be present at an apparition in Medjugorje.
      Peace and Love

  4. May our beloved Lord Jesus Christ provide a decent job for me, that I may have the means for my continuous studies in the graduate school for my masteral studies.

  5. I will try to use this time wisely. However, I realized, clearly, today that your converns are for the young. I understand this, but, it saddens me as I, and I am sure many others who are no longer young, feel as though this is yet another door closed tous. By the Salvation promised by your Son Jesus of Nazareth….can you provide advocacy for those no longer young?

    1. Our Blessed Mother is guiding all young and old to her Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Her messages are for everyone. Please pray for conversion of all souls. Thank you. May God continue to Bless you.

  6. Praise the Lord,

    My name is Asha and I am staying in Delhi. I am married and I have got one daughter. Now I want another baby, so please pray for me as my daughter always asking me for a small brother.

    Please also pray for my job as my Directors talk to me irritatively. Please pray that God fill their minds with holy spirit and they will happy with my works.

    Awaiting your positive reply.

    With lots of love & prayer
    your sister
    Asha Biju

  7. Molim se za one koji jos nisu upoznali ili dozivjeli Boga, i njegovu ljubav, molim se za mir u svijetu i nasim srcima, molim za sve koji rade sa mnom da im Duh Sveti prosvitli srce i pamet kako nebi vrijedjali druge sa svoji jezikom, molim za one koji su me uvrijedili da im Duh Sveti prosvijetli ono sto su rekli i da pitaju oprostenje, molim i za svoju obitelj da nas Andjeli Bozi i Majka Bozja uvjek cuvaju i da ne dozvoli nijednoj sotoni da dodje blizu nas, neka sva zla budu zgnjeceni pod nogama nase majke Blazene Djevice Marije AMEN!!! MIR I DOBRO

  8. Please keep my co-workers in your prayer, that they may know the Love of Jesus, I pray that Holy Spirit opens there hearts and increase there faith, in Jesus name I pray AMEN!!!

  9. would you ask gabriel to do a proclomation to raphael zadkiel uriel and anael about my yr 2 studies in waterford.

  10. Dear Lady please pray for me and my husband we are both out of work. guide us what to do. where to go.

  11. Please pray for me and my unborn child. I am 10 weeks pregnant, unemployed and single. My unemployment extension will expire within the next two weeks. Abortion is out of the question but I’m scared and very alone.

    Miami, FL

  12. Please Lord I beg for your intervention to restore my marriage, Lord please touch my husband’s heart and soften it to you and me. I beg your forgiveness and his for the pain I have caused and in so doing have pushed him away. Lord please turn his heart back to me to give me the chance to work on being the wife I should be. Please strengthen me and guide me to do your will. You are the author of marriage and I trust in you Lord to put your arms around us to build a union in your glory. Please Lord take the thoughts of separation away from him. God in heaven, please heed all these prayers. Please continue to pray for strength and guidance to weather this storm. I beg God’s forgiveness for my sins and failings and to mold me to His will to be the wife my husband needs and deserves. Amen

  13. Please pray for my son T.J. that he puts God first in his life, that he makes the SPX Basketball Team (all for the greater glory of God) and if this is not in God’s will to give us peace and acceptance of his will. Amen

  14. Pray that LizzieR., Greg/JosephG.,Renee/NickB return to the CatholicChurch/sacraments.Pray ease in moving to Pocatello,ID/selling IA house/renting farm house/resolving issues with sister/husband.Pray for miracle healing for BrendaBoyle/CouncilBluffs,IA.Pray for continued freedom/democracy in USA,empower God’s people to serve in Government,end to abortion,gay marriage,homosexual political power,end to Govern take over of health care, business, oil companies, finance.Empower citizens to speak out against Govern tryanny and stop it.Strength,wisdom to do God’s work.Heal MerrillB fears,back weakness.Remove indecency from radio,tv,movies,internet.Please appear so all can see your presence. Strength to do all physical work required of me.Thank you Blessed Mother Mary.

  15. Iam Joy, 47 years of age from Inda got married @ the late stage i.e. two years back. I have no children but I haven’t gone for any check-up as of some bondages. Presently, Iam working in a gulf country where my contract coming to an end also facing so much obstacles. As I want to try in Muscat of Oman, where I can accompany my wife but Iam worried about the recession period and my age. Also I don’t have own house to stay so pray for me, my wife Salini, my mother Sussana , my brother Hubald & two sister, in-laws and their children and my bad health.

  16. Very Urgent Prayer Request from Sri Lanka

    Urgent prayers requested for a little girl Tharushi Fernando, who is critically ill with Dengue, and doctors are battling for her life, Please place her at the feet of God and beg the Divine Intervention of Mother Mary and St. Joseph that they plead with the Mercy of God to take authority over the sick little body of Tharushi, that the power of God will breakthrough into every nerve, cell and tissue, that whatever has gone wrong will be put right by the almighty power of God, Please beg Mother Mary to anoint those affected areas, and the blood pressure which is faltering, with Her Holy Blood which poured out through the wounds of Jesus on the Cross, May this powerful and healing Blood deliver this little child, and save her at this critical hour for the Glory of God, so that all may declare the greatness of our merciful God.
    Praise the Lord
    Thank you,

  17. Dear Blessed Mother
    Please hear the prayers for Jordans friend Jake Thibodeau and Nate. I have heard that Jake is in limbo and in need of prayers. Please wrap your motherly arms around both boys and bring them to Jesus. Thank you for bringing Jesus in my heart and I will do whatever I can to help stop abortion. Please stay constant with me and help me become more prayerful. I love you and always thank you for your motherly love. Come close to my children so Jesus lives in Jamie Shaunna and Lukes hearts… Fill my heart with Peace and thank you for the joy of my Grandchildren Cylan and Ava Grace. Bless my family with graces and keep them all safe and holy. Give my Zoe love from her mommy. Kiss and rock her like I wish I could do.
    Also to my other little baby whom i think is a little boy, please give him my heart.
    Please keep me focused on my mission and lead me to a prayerful holy life.
    Ever your loving child of God… trish boncek hafford

  18. I am humbly requesting for your prayers for I am a university student and mother and i have failed to raise my tuition fund for this semester. I am also praying for my Job security and promotion and also praying for my children to perform well in class. i need strength and courage to perform well and at least get a good class degree either first class or upper second. May God’s will be done. Amen.

  19. Please pray for me, to get out of my financial problem.
    I needed God’s miraculous help for my desperate and seemingly impossible cases.
    Thank you so very much.

  20. I come once again humbly into your midst, and appeal to you to intercede on my behalf, in the presence of the Eucharistic Lord,
    that I may be totally healed of whatever ailment which is affecting me… I place my whole physical self through your prayerful hands, in the sanctuary of God, so that He may release the powerful healing grace over me, so that I may give Him the Glory and Honour. I have been developing a problem with regard to my ears and hearing, and now it has got worse, where I find it so hard to even speak on the phone, and I get a severe burn in my throat. The Doctor said there is nothing noticeable… About 8 years ago, I got this same thing, and no medicine answered. It was only after I was blessed continuously by an exorcist priest that I was delivered from it..

    Please ask Mother Mary to lay Her sinless hands on my ears,and remove whatever is not right, and heal me… and anoint it with the Precious Blood of Jesus, which will restore me back to good health.. My little 10 year old daughter (an only child) is very disturbed with my different ailments, and is quite traumatic…
    I am really sorry to bother you like this for prayers, but I have faith in your power of intercession, and I know the Lord will grant me this favour, as He promised where two or three are gathered in His Name he will grant it….Please beg the Divine Mercy to heal me, in the Name of the Father….and of the Son,….and the Holy Spirit and I in return promise to serve Him and proclaim Him…

    Thank You,

  21. I pray for a great perm. office job for my husband. The best pay he has ever received & great benefits we can afford. And a home of our own. I pray he will never again lose his job or our home. I pray our children will succeed in HS & I will lose weight & keep it off. Amen.

  22. I pray for my nephew, that mother mary protect him and keep him from harm and from those who wish to harm him. May she bless those who wish harm him. I trust in your motherly help and prayers.

  23. Please pray for Cecelia to be completely healed of stage 4 ovarian cancer. I pray that she is healed spiritually, emotionally and physically. thank you Jesus for the healing.

  24. Dear Sweetheart Navin,

    It’s exactly one month since i spent my very last moments with u on my birthday…n few hours later past midnight, Your life@our life was taken away by those heartless people. How can I ever forget the way they slashed u in front of me. You probably didn’t feel anything cause u were filled with alcohol and yet bleeding in that pool of blood, u were asking me to calm down when i got hysterical. How can I ever accept the fact of watching the person I love the most die right in front of my eye. I always felt we shared the same heartbeat.And know that ur gone, i feel dead inside. I’m just breathing but my heart n soul doesnt feel with me. How could u leave me and go so fast??? why didnt u take me with u? How could u let me watch u in that coffin begging u to wake up. How did u ever have the heart to let me go through all this pain??? ur only 24, we still have a long journey ahead of us..i need u more than anything in this world. I LOVE U BABY!!!

    With everlasting love,

    Ur gf(Shalu)

    Dear God,

    You saw everything that happened that night. I’m still here god waiting to witness ur miracle..I have so much of faith that its only u who is able to help me now. Because u raised Lazarus n a few others from the dead, I know u can work this miracle for me…I’m still waiting to experience ur miracle father. Please help me I beg u. Please breathe life into him again and let me continue my journey with him till we come to u..pls god..pls grant this miracle to me. Forgive us for all our sins and please accept us god. i beg u

    Dear Mother,

    Please help me mother. I am here today to witness ur son’s miracle. Please hear my cries mother, I need this man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I beg u mother, please help grant me this miracle just like how ur son has done for Lazarus. I’m waiting for each and every day for this miracle to happen. Help me mother please. I ask this in Jesus name, AMEN.


    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son(Future Hope of Him, Marriage & grand children all lost)Other Losses & Deaths,Severe Financial Hardships,Health Issues & Other Sorrows…Please pray(2012)with us daily for recovery! With the help of your daily prayers we are able to stay at our Post in Hope despite everything! Feel free to pass prayer request on to others(Convents,Nuns,Sisters,Monasteries,Priests,Brothers,Monks & Others in the Worldwide Community of Prayer? ) who can pray(2012)with us daily! Meanwhile,We stay at our Post in Hope! Thank you! Bill & Carol. oh.usa

  26. Please pray for our son Filip, who has made his girlfred pregnant. Their relationship is still very premature.
    Also pray for my daughter , Ellen, who is suffering from a burnout and has mental end psychological problems.
    May our Lord and His Mother help them to find God’s will in their lives.
    Thank you!

  27. Dear Jesus,Mary and Jeseph
    These are my petitions. I need forgive all evil peoples around me especially Rory, Brandon B,Deidric M, Jorden B…..etc. Also, My friend L will forgive Rory and peace will be with her and me. Lord Jesus , help me to go through this matter with heavenly wisdom. Jesus, I trust in You.

  28. Prayer requests for reconciliation,restoration and healing between Joe and myself (Toni). Prayers for a miraculous breakthrough in my financial situation. Prayers for God’s favor and blessings in a Social Security Dissability Appeal I am now going through. Prayers for guidance,direction,peace,protection,knowledge,wisdom,favor,blessings and discernment in every area of my (Toni’s),Evan,Alan and Joe’s and Joan’s lives.

  29. To have LOVE back in our family again.Their is no communication.Please intercede and banish all bad people who are interfering and bringing BAD LUCK and SADNESS to our family.We all were better when we went to church together as a FAMILY! Remember everyone, THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS TOGETHER,STAYS TOGETHER! Our 2 children are listening to too many people who should not be interfering in any way with our family. PLEASE keep our family in your prayers.May my husband and I grow old together and stay healthy and die together on the same day with each other.GOD BLESS ALL OF US AND MAY WE ALL BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER AS GOD WANTS US TO BE.

  30. Im an attorney who recently went into private practice. I pray for GOD’s anointing of excellence on my work. I need some clients to enable me to contribute towards operating costs, to sustain my family & help me continue contributing towards GOD’s work. I am in need o financial stability & a car & house of my own. Please help me!

  31. Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Hardships & Sorrows…


    Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer for God’s Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..Christmas 2012,2013..?

    3PM”HOUR OF MERCY.”Broken & Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace Now & in the Days ahead..Christmas 2012,2013..?Please pray with us daily for recovery! Recovery is very slow!We continue to stay at our Post! Please continue to pray for God’s Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health & Shattered Lives made harder by Severe Financial Misery!Feel free to pass or e-mail our urgent prayer request on:Parishes,Convents,Nuns,Sisters,Monasteries,Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains,Houses of Prayer,Prayer Boards,Older Saints & Others? Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post in Hope & Prayer with the help of your Daily Prayers & God’s Mercy! Thank you! Bill & Carol. usa

  32. Children of god pray for me and my family so that we may received his grace and blessings

  33. I humbly come before you asking you to pray for me and my family dat every thing we ask for may be graunted unto us and blessing,that as i will be preparing for my final exams that you bless me and my future and i ast for your forgiveness.AMEN

  34. Please pray for Dorothy MgGregor who is sick in hospital
    carl wright sick with cancer.

  35. I am requesting prayers for my brother in law Jim. He is having one round after another. First leg infection. After knee sreplacement surgery. Then amputation of the leg. Then another infection. Now due to cancer treatment 10 yrs. ago in his throat. The throat is dry and he has to get a feeding tube for life. God, please spare him any more. Make him a witness to your holy name. In Jesus name I pray. thanks

  36. Please for me i have a heel spur and its very painful please pray for God to heal it for me.


  37. Please pray for my brother in law Jim. Having numerous medical problems this last yr. Also my husband has stress on his jo. He should retire in 2 yrs. We fear they may let him go to avoid paying severence pay. His name is Mark. Please pray for our familys financial situation.
    thanks for taking requests. Judy

  38. One of my online frends asked for prayers. “Barb is in the hospital again. This time we have no idea what is wrong. Thank God it isn’t another stroke, we think. Her Blood Pressure yesterday at one time was 222 over 100 and then one time today it was 180 over 150. None of those numbers are good. It finally hit 130 over 70 for an hour straight” Please add them to your prayers. His name is Duke. Thanks Judy.

  39. Mother Mary, you have always been here for me. I am asking a request for my son, Lynn. He going through a difficult time right now and really needs some encouragement & strength to get thru this week. He has to appear in court Wednesday, please help the Judge realize the changes he’s making in his life & starting over with his son. Thank you, Mother Mary. I Love & Worship You. Janie

  40. My Dearest Mother Mary, I have total faith in you. Please help my son in court tomorrow. Guide the Justice System for a fair outlook & give my son the strength & guidance he needs to move on. Thank you Mother Mary, I Love You..Amen

  41. Mother Mary, Please be with my son, Lynn today. Allow the judge to be leinent on him. He’s trying to change his life, please send the courage. Let charges be dropped on one. Please, I ask this favor, I Love you. Jane

  42. Mother Mary, I am forever in your debt. Thank you for helping my son today. You have answered all my prayers. I Love You..


  43. Plse pray for my brother Michael and heal his sickness of having a mild stroke on facial area afta dialysis yesterday. Also for my sister with gall stone in her bladder and for my friend Tsie who is in ICU and for forgivreness of my nephew sins who have left this world yesterday and for myself having chronic pain on my left arm. plse I ask that my be granted amen

  44. Please help me with my disability insurance that it will be recertified. I love you so much Blessed Mother.

  45. Please pray for my family and their financial needs. My oldest granddaughter is supporting 4 children alone. She is in need of money for gas for her borrowed car to get to work tomorrow. Her uncle is going to try and fix her car. I have got to ask Jesus to take this concern to his father in prayer for me. Thanks

  46. Please help me to pray to Jesus, Mary & Joseph to Heal, Save & Bless my Family especially my husband Jessie to heal spiritually to comeback to Jesus, and strengthen our family with love and faith.

  47. God, please retire my relationship with my boyfriend Austin. I have been with him for the past years. Make Austin be overwhelmed with the memories we shared for the past years. I want to be married, or get engage by the end of the year. I want God to bless me with twins boys and girls, I’m also believe God for financial breakthrough. I want God to heal my mom, myself of every infirmities. He is dr. Jesus. I want God to forgive me because I have hurt my ex’ feelings. I pray God to give him the ability to move on. I want him to be happy with someone else. I am happy with Austin. I know he will answer my prayers in Jesus name— Amen.

  48. Dear Blessed Mother, please pray for me. I’ve been let go by my employer and unable to find work for almost 6 months now. My money is almost depleted. Kindly intercede for me so that I can find a job or any source of income. I need your help badly. Thank you. Amen

  49. Request urgent prayers for my mothers soon recovery from tounge ulcer. May lord God Jesus christ wash with his blood and heal her soon and not lead to any complications

    Mary, take over and resolve what I am not able to resolve. Take care of those things that are beyond my reach. You have the power to do so. Who can ever say that he was disappointed in you after having called you?
    Mother, take over at this moment when I see nothing, when there does not seem to be any light in the tunnel, this moment of doubt, fear, this hour of making the right decision when everything seems to be going against me. Amen+


  50. Requesting Urgent prayers For a Good and Stable job abroad to support my family.

    I am in a desperate and dire situation for a job. Last month I attended 2 interviews and heard 6 people were selected. Please pray for me to be one among those 6 people to get the job. Otherwise to get a job in the second company or any suitable Co.

    Mary, take over and resolve what I am not able to resolve. Take care of those things that are beyond my reach. You have the power to do so. Who can ever say that he was disappointed in you after having called you?
    Mother, take over at this moment when I see nothing, when there does not seem to be any light in the tunnel, this moment of doubt, fear, this hour of making the right decision when everything seems to be going against me. Amen+


  51. Mother Mary, I come to you today for a request for my Husband. Please allow this business meeting today turn out for his benefit. This door has been opened for him, please allow the transactions to go through. I Love You always, Jane

  52. Please pray for our son Eric as he waits for college decisions. We pray for acceptances in to the schools that remain on his list. We pray for acceptance into the University of Richmond. Let the decisions makers be open minded and have faith in him and see him as a worthwhile candidate. Please dear Mary help us.

  53. Dear God

    I have three prayer requests.

    Firstly, regarding my job. I have been applying several job since last June 2013. Til now, I have not get any answer or interview.
    Recently I applied a post as Executive-Stakeholder relations at one of major oil and gas company in Malaysia. The job is located in Kuching, Sarawak, my homestate.
    Today, I saw more than 300 applicants applied for this position. My main reason to apply this job is to be closer with my son and my daughter. Both of them are currently with my parent.

    Because now, I quite far away from them. I had to spend at least 12 hours just to go back to my hometown, Mukah. At least in Kuching, it will be much nearer, just 1 hour by local flight.

    Secondly, last 2 days I applied for personal loan but unsuccessful. My main reason to apply is to help my parent to extend the backyard of their house and also extra cashes for our Zurich trips.

    Thirdly, me and my wife yet to decide to attend my sister weeding in Zurich. Looking at the total amount, it is really a huge cost. Seem we can’t afford to pay for the flight tickets and some more we are worried about the recent incident happen to our local airline, MH370.

    So, do pray me

    HALL TICKET NUMBER:6306038 AND 6304034

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