Spiritual Journey

Message of Our Lady of Medjugorje, March 25, 2001 “Dear children! Also today I call you to open yourselves to prayer. Little children, you live in a time in which God gives great graces but you do not know how to make good use of them. You are concerned about everything else, but the least for the soul and spiritual life. Awaken from the tired sleep of your soul and say yes to God with all your strength. Decide for conversion and holiness. I am with you, little children, and I call you to perfection of your soul and of everything you do. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Staying Young 

During the past nine months, I’ve been meeting with a spiritual director.  We come together, once a month, to search out and into my spiritual life, which can be a bit of a maze.  In most of those meetings our conversation may begin in one area, but then with her insightful questions, new realizations emerge. When I leave I feel enlightened and hopefully a little closer “to the one God formed in my mothers womb – key word “hopefully.”

These meetings in which I get to focus totally on my spiritual journey give me new life.  I’m awed by God’s steadfast presence, by His hanging in there waiting for me to finally “get it.”   And when I do, when I see the truth God says is my truth,  it feels like a revival meeting happening in my soul. I’m sure I can hear heaven clapping and  rejoicing, “Halleluia, she finally got that one.”

So if your’re wondering what all this has to do with ‘Staying Young,” this is what I think.  On our spiritual journeys , and because of God’s eternal patience and forgiveness, we get to begin again every day. We get to start fresh every morning when the sun comes up and just like that spring shrub that didn’t look well last year, a  chance to bloom anew in the springtime of today.  The spiritual journey is never finished, never boring, never old.  And one of the best parts is knowing that no matter our age,  God sees the child in us and continues to champion our possibilities.  Knowing that I still have possibilities fills me with childlike enthusiam.  And I’ll take that over a new wrinkle cream any day. –Kathleen Aparo

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