“Easter egg from the heart” Medjugorje

Largest Croatian Easter egg, “Easter egg from the heart”, 2.05 m tall, 1.5 m wide, with a stand that is 120 kg heavy, gift of Koprivnica – Krizevci County, was officially exposed in front of the church of St. James in Medjugorje. This event was even more beautiful thanks to singing of Children Choir “Doves of Peace” and its leader Sr. Slavica Kozul from Medjugorje and Cultural Club from Koprinica.

At the beginning of event Ivo Jerkic, Mayor of Citluk, gave a talk to everybody present. He said how he hopes that this “Easter egg from the heart” will be sign of friendship, that through Medjugorje it will send message of peace. Head of Koprivnica – Krizevci County, Darko Koren, said that project “Easter egg from the heart” was started in 2007, with desire that large Easter egg, symbol of friendship, love and joy of Easter is taken all over Croatia and rest of the world. These large Easter eggs were painted by naïve expression artists Djuro Jakovic, Drago Zufika, Josip Tot and Drago Kovacic. All together they gave life to these Easter eggs, as well as recognizable note of everyday life and tradition of Podravina region.

Fr. Petar Vlasic, as Medjugorje parish priest and host, greeted everybody present and said: “This celebration and public exhibition of large Easter egg happens exactly at the time when Bjelovar and Krizevci, two Croatian towns, become even more related with foundation of new Bjelovar – Krizevci Diocese. This large Easter egg witnesses richness of Croatian expression, since Croatian people for many centuries grew into reality of our faith, into Jesus Christ, Crucified and Risen.”
Some of the most famous naïve expression artists were born in the region of Koprivnica – Krizevci County.
On Wednesday, March 17th 2010, Easter egg was also given as a gift to Holy Father, Benedict XVI.  This Easter egg will remain in Medjugorje, in front of the church of St. James until Easter

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