Breaking News in Medjugorje

Reported by Croatia media sources is the news that the Vatican has already arrived at a solution that recognises the importance of Medjugorje to the Church and that the tree bearing good fruit in abundance is to be protected. Currently the bishop of the Mostar-Duvno diocese is in Rome and on the table for discussion is the partition of his diocese which could see the parish of Medjugorje come under a new bishopric. Apparently a decision has been reached and an announcement is anticipated later this year. However, such a move would not be an endorsement of the claimed apparitions but could be seen as a possible step forward to Medjugorje being granted international shrine status by the Holy See.

• The diocese of Mostar-Duvno was formed on July 5, 1881 – 100 years before Our Lady first appeared in Medjugorje on June 24, 1981 • The seat of the bishopric is in the Cathedral of Mary the Mother of the Church! • The first two bishops of the Mostar-Duvno diocese were Franciscans and they were in charge of the diocese for 61 years!

–source crownofstars blog

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