Our Lord gives Anne a New Message

On the first of every month, Our Lord gives Anne a new message about His call to service.

March 1, 2010


My dear friends, you are making progress. I, the One who sees all, can mark progress in many ways which are not available to you. I can mark progress in terms of your holiness, which you will experience as a greater awareness of your flaws and weaknesses. I can mark progress in terms of the advancement of My plan, which I experience in an increased longing for goodness in My children. I can mark progress in the commitment of more and more of My little apostles to the spread of My healing graces. I am pleased. Your time on earth will be used to the fullest possible extent, if only you will remain fixed on My presence in your day. So much depends on this awareness of Me. Your comfort in this time of change will largely depend on this and that is why I have come in the way that I have come and in the time that I have come. I prepare you, My friends, so that you can then prepare others. There is a groaning in My Church, a sigh of exertion as she pushes forward into a renewed period. You feel this aching strain but you also feel the spark of My hope. Dear apostles, for what reason would I come to you in this way if not for a good reason? Why would I deluge My Church in grace if not to renew her? Please. I urge you to rejoice. I am the Messenger who brings salvation. You are the heralds of My salvation. Does a herald look downhearted and hopeless? Of course not. One who heralds the King’s return stands with eyes alight, filled with anticipation and happiness. Be this for Me in this world where darkness is delivered by so many. Be heralds of the Light, rejoicing, so that others may see their future.

discernment is left to the reader

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  1. You should not say ‘Jesus gives ‘anne’ a new message’ but ‘anne says Jesus gives her a new message’. This is not fully approved by the Church as yet. This lady doesnt even give her real name and there are many other queries about her and her messages. Be careful, unfortunately there are a lot of people who crave in their hearts to have visions especially when these people have already visited a place of apparition. This is dangerous and St. John of the Cross warned people of the dangers they can encounter in this area. We cannot rule out all supernatural contact with the Lord but we must be careful and discerning and stay under the mantle of our Church and submit to the authority of the Church in Holy Obedience. I dont know if this lady has been properly assessed by a team of theologians and psychologists from the Church authorities ? It is always better to walk the way of faith and trust in Jesus through simplicity, prayer and staying close to the Sacraments and practicing works of charity.

  2. The photo attached to this article is no wonder at all. These kind of photos you can get if you take a direct shot of the Sun with your camera. Try it

  3. Yes there are alot of questions about anne the lay apostle now, looking for money, her messages contradicting the Saints on purgatory, the false claims she makes of St. Faustina promoting another image and also the fact that she doesnt give her real name. Kathryn Clarke ‘lay apostle anne’ was in Medjugorje and came home and started having locutions after her visit. Need I say more. Also I wonder why is it that so many Medj sites feature other visionaries…it is a sign of unhealthy spirituality. St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila warned us of these things.

  4. Kilnacrott abbey the place where the lay apostle had planned to buy is now being turned into a nursing home. This lady is not receiving messages from God. She is false. Her messages on purgatory are ridiculous and contradict all of the Saints teaching on purgatory…

  5. Sister Breige McKenna and Father Kevin no longer support this alleged
    locutionist. Something recently happened that has led them to withdraw from her.

  6. Anne the Lay Apostle is a wonderful person and I truly believe she is being spoken to by Jesus and Mary. Have you read the messages – then you would know instantly in your heart that these are true.

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