Hollywood Star Jim Caviezel returns to Medjugorje

Jim and his wife are currently in Medjugorje. Caviezel played the role of Jesus in the film “The Passion of the Christ” which was released in 2004.  Jim and his wife Kerri visit Medjugorje often.  As reported on www.medjugorje.net , “I know he has been here before but still, seeing him at mass this morning was quite a surprise. He has been quite a trooper standing up for his faith and visiting Medjugorje again is just encouragement for all of us to stand up for our faith no matter who and what we are.”

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  1. I think it’s wonderful for Jim to return to Medjugorje – Jim is such a blessing himself; I have been blessed to meet him several times, and I give him credit for helping me strengthen my faith and returning me to Our Lord and Mother Mary. God is using Jim as His Tool, and He will continue to use Jim to strengthen others as well.

  2. A timely visit considering the season we are now in. The Passion was a movie that moved a multitude of people into the Catholic Church. Jim was one of the reasons as well, he was inspired as the Christ. A good man. His wife, active in Pro Life also a good example.
    God bless them.

  3. Jim is a very good man, and probably the most devout Christian man that I have had the pleasure, and honor to meet. When I heard him give his testimonies, he talked about being pro-life, and that was so touching. Life matters most to him, and he continues to play an active part in the pro-life movement. Jim continues to be an inspiration to me every day, through his strong faith in Our Lord and his love for life.

  4. I have love the Passion of Christ,when Jim done an amazing movie. HIs passion for Christ,for Mother Mary is an inspriation for all,in giving us the moments spended in Mass,for the Station of the Cross during Lenten SEason. I love the way Jim is so sincere and has a lovely wife. WE all need to come together in praying,just not for the Passion,but for our daily lifes,too. He has really touched my heart…and hope someday to embrace him. God bless Jim and wife.
    yolanda of Houston,tx

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