Lent, the time in which we find ourselves…

Lent, the time in which we find ourselves, is a time during which we, through prayer and fasting and a good Confession, open ourselves to God so that He may forgive our sins, free us of our bad habits, and that He thereby creates more space for peace in us. It is also very important that we do not forget that we have been called to become active — active in the fight for what is good and against all that is evil. It is love that makes us active, for when we love then we are active. When we love then we see who needs our help and when we love and, through love, can see, then certainly we will do everything we can to help those around us spiritually and materially, as Our Lady invited us to do. When a Christian does not know what he is supposed to do, then it is sure sign for the lack of love of that Christian. That is because it is love that makes us active. On the other hand hate also makes us active and when we hate we are active in the destruction of ourselves, our families, the others around us and thereby the whole world. Here we ought again think that through love we should not only become active but stay active, and therefore through love conquer all tiredness. If we become tired inside then it is a sign for a lack of love and today many people have become tired. Tired are the families who let themselves get divorced, tired are the families who do not accept unborn life and therefore so many abortions happen. Tired are also all those who through drugs and alcohol acquire a form of peace. When we become tired we cease working with Mary who for herself said ‘yes’ so that she is untiring, but she also said that Satan is untiring in that he works against healing and against peace. In ourselves becoming tired we begin working with Satan and all his plans for destruction. That is why it is so important that we every day, constantly pray for the grace of love, because love is the key to peace. Love is the key to prayer, fasting, to Mass and a good Confession. Without love we can also not experience regret, and without love we cannot ask for forgiveness. So I wish that we all during this Easter-time become active and work untiringly with Mary for peace. We should also become active in that we organize family prayer, prayer-groups and active help for all those who need it.

Fra Slavko
Medjugorje; March 28, 1997

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