Fr. Slavko’s Commentary, Reflection on the Message of March 25, 2000

“Dear children! Pray and make good use of this time because this is a time of grace. I am with you and I intercede for each of you before God, for your heart to open to God and God’s love. Little children, pray without ceasing, until prayer becomes a joy for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Again I greet all those who are expecting and contemplating Mary’s messages of Medjugorje, and then trying to incorporate them in their daily lives. Before we look at the latest message, I wish to remind all of us what Mary told us in the message of February 2000. In that message there were afterall three main points, that we awaken from the sleep of lack of faith and of sin because it is a time of grace, that we pray for the healing of hearts so that we may be able look at God and the other people with our hearts, that we pray for the experience of God’s love for those people who have not yet experienced it, and that we may with our lives show others God’s immeasurable love for us. The lack of faith itself and every sin is essentially a real sleep, and here we just have to think of Jesus’ words which He took from the Prophets: “These people have eyes, but cannot see, have ears and cannot hear.” So here it really concerns an inner blindness and deafness. This time of the apparitions as well as this time of Lent are both times of grace in which we again ought to awaken, and let us work on this during this Lent, also especially because we accept Mary’s messages and believe that it is She who is speaking to us. So it is our real assignment with which we may never become tired and in which we must really stay awake and continue seeing where we should awaken or where we are still asleep. Sleep comes easiest when I am unable to see the relationships with others that do not succeed. We always see and expect that which the others are meant to do for us, but when they do not do it for us, then we remain wounded and thus permit sinful behavior toward them. The true form of being awake with the heart begins when we begin to see what we do for or against the others. And then along with this humility must also be in place, because only then are we able to ask for forgiveness and thus reconcile, and there where we have humility and love, there we also able to live in peace. We are all wounded because we expect very much from the others but at the same time are not willing to give them what they expect of us. This is why we remain wounded and it is through our woundedness that we do evil things or justify our sinful behavior. Every one of us need a healing of the heart so that we become able to see God and the othesr around us with our hearts. There the question, “How do I see the others?” is a good one for us to ask ourselves. I can see the others with the eyes of love, mercy and goodness and in so doing always create good relationships, or I can see them with the eyes of egotism, pride, envy, laziness, and dependency, because then I will always have reasons to judge or complain about the others. How often have we made the others sound bad because our pride or egotism were wounded? How often were we like that rather than saying, ‘I was an egotist’ and expected this or that from the others and because they did not do it, they were bad. I should have simply said that I was proud and egotistical. When we see the others with love, then we will primarily see the others as people, and only then perhaps their sins. The other question is how do I see God? We can see God only in that we expect something from Him and thus our prayers themselves are only egotistical because we ask that He do something for us. If we see God only that way we will also very quickly have problems with Him and then complain about Him and accuse Him of everything that is not going well. But we can also see God the way that Mary is teaching us when She told us in one message: “Seek God not because you need something, but because He loves you.” Doing that would be a true healing. The third point is that it is our assignment to always pray that others, who have yet to experience God’s love, may also come to experience God’s love, because only love can bring us to new relationships with God and with the others. And here not merely our prayers but also our example are mandatory, because it is also our lives that should help the others to discover the God and His immeasurable love for us. So let us pray for this without ever tiring of it.

Fra Slavko Barbaric
Medjugorje; March 28, 00

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