A Reflection from Fr. Ed Chalmers on Our Lady’s Message of January 25, 2010



The Message of January 25, 2010

“Dear children!  May this time be a time of personal prayer for you, so that the seed of faith may grow in your hearts; and may it grow into a joyful witness to others.  I am with you and I desire to inspire you all: grow and rejoice in the Lord Who has created you.  Thank you for having responded to my call.” 



Fr. Ed’s Reflection:

“Dear children!  May this time be a time of personal prayer for you, so that the seed of faith may grow in your hearts; and may it grow into a joyful witness to others.”  Our Lady begins Her message of January 25, 2010 by encouraging all of “Her little children” to use these days as a “time of personal prayer.” 

With much enthusiasm may we accept this request of our dear Blessed Mother.  Let us pray the Holy Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and many other sacred devotions of prayer as often as possible; but most importantly may we attend the celebration of the Holy Eucharist more than when we are obligated to.  For any believer who wishes to grow “the seed of faith” within his/her life, attendance at and a devotion to the Sacred Holy Eucharist is a must.

 It seems that it is always necessary for any believer (especially one who has accepted to be a prayer warrior of Our Lady) to constantly reflect upon what is happening at the celebration of each Holy Mass.  As the celebrant consecrates bread and wine into the sacred body and blood, soul and divinity of our dear Lord, he commemorates the loving passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  With the many prayers of praise and thanksgiving during Holy Mass, we can spiritually connect with the Eternal Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit: we give to Our Triune God the honor and glory that He richly deserves as our Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier.  Thus, for nearly two thousand years, the faithful have nourished and strengthened their “seed of faith” through a profound devotion to the Holy Eucharist.  

 During these days may we renew our commitment to the Holy Eucharist.  Through prayer and attendance at Holy Mass we can spiritually embrace the Lord and His love while strengthening our faith.  Then we can “grow into a joyful witness to others.” 

 “I am with you and I desire to inspire you all: grow and rejoice in the Lord who has created you.”  In this sentence of her message of January 25, 2010, Our Lady shares with us Her profound motherly love while encouraging all of “Her little children to rejoice in the Lord.”  On a regular basis may we contemplate Our Lady’s love for us.  If we open our hearts to Her, through Her motherly love, She will lead us to Jesus.  In this process, we can grow in faith, acquiring the strength to witness our belief in God to all who have been placed in our lives.  Also, with much appreciation may we rejoice in God who through His sacred presence has given us so much including the pledge of eternal life to those who are His faithful followers.

 I hope you are well.  Give my best to all of your families.  In approximately three weeks we begin the Lenten Season with our celebration of Ash Wednesday.  That day begins a special liturgical time (the Lenten and Easter Season) that concludes with Pentecost.  Spiritually prepare now to embrace the love of Jesus that we will celebrate during Holy Week.  Through Jesus’ passion, death, and resurrection we have life in His name.  Do you believe in this very basic tenet of our faith and do your actions toward others reveal that belief?  Let us pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Our Lady that we will always be able to respond to these two questions with a resounding yes.  May the blessing of Almighty God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit come upon you and remain with you, forever and ever, Amen.

             God’s love and prayers always,

                         Fr. Ed

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  1. Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand. I tell you, I usually get irked when folks discuss issues that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication. Maybe, people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

    1. Fr. Ed Chalmers is a friend of mine, I will post his reflection on each monthly message of the 25th. I like his reflections because they are easy to understand and get to the point. Thanks for looking.

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