“My healing from Gambling & Alcohol in Medjugorje”

Arthur McCluskey recounts his story and how he came to reassess his life radically due to his experiences in Bosnia.

Seven years ago, Arthur reluctantly went to Medjugorje. A series of events took place that week which irreversibly changed his life. These events he shares with us in this testimony. It is the story of two mothers, the Mother in Heaven and his mother on Earth, the Rosary, with the melting of hearts, followed by conversion. Some of the events that took place seem very strange. However, the reader is not asked to accept or reject, but to understand that he shares these private revelations with us. The result is that Arthur is a very changed man. He no longer takes alcohol and has stopped gambling. His experiences suggest that we can be freed from whatever enslaves us through conversion to God.

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  1. My pop is a high functioning alcoholic. He has been boozing well before I was born but over the last year it has gotten harder. Instead of beer his drinkable of choice is today tequila. He doesn’t booze and drive, he doesn’t booze during the day, but the second he goes home he begins consuming shots and doesnt lay off until he passes out. It is difficult to show him that there is a problem since his problem has never crossed the line of other people’s safety or his profession. My sole ammunition to show him that he has a problem is petty in comparison to the stereotyped alcoholic. He has harmed himself while he was imbibing and he can’t recall a conversation we had the night earlier, but that is it.

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