Mt. Krizevac Reflection

Daniel joined us in August for the Youth Festival. This is his reflection from Cross Mountain. He wrote this in Medjugorje. We hope you enjoy this. ~Wayne Weible

I just walked up and down Mt. Krizevac (Cross Mountain) on the way saying the Stations of the Cross. Like the path to Heaven, the path at the bottom starts out crowded as busload after busload disembark to start the climb. Tired, but awake, from an early morning start, we begin. Most of us wear shoes, others barefooted. All of us burdened. (Some burdens seen, some unseen as they are carried in our hearts.) All of us determined.

 Station 1 Jesus is condemned, Jesus was condemned to walk up His mountain (Mt. Calvary) for us. We walk up this mountain willingly participating in what small way we may with Jesus’s final journey. (It is funny that it is not the big smooth rocks (smoothed by those whom walked this path before us) that hurt the feet of the barefooted but the smaller, loose stones and hard packed dirt.) Though we stop and reflect at each station, the path upwards soaks up your attention each step by step by step. Jesus takes up His Cross, Jesus falls for the first time, Jesus meets His Mother. A loud cry pierces the air. A crying mother wails. It is the wail of a mother pleading to our Savior. Hers is not the only heart pierced as others weep as they climb. Station after station, the climb continues.

Most of us, climb with others in groups. Some quickly, some slowly, some resting, some crying, most praying at each station.
Some elderly, barefooted, young, infirmed need assistance from their brothers, sisters, family, friends. (No one seems to be a stranger.)
How infrequently, do we stop and look back. Not to head back down, but to see how far we have come. But once you look back up again, you realize how far you need to go. Finally after winding our way up, the summit is reached. The view is breathtaking. The large white stone cross dominating. The desire to soak in the moment, overwhelming.

But the Lord reminds us that this particular mountain is not our final destination but a reminder of our life. The life He calls us to walk with Him. As Jesus carried our sins to the top of Mount Calvary (His Cross Mountain) so He asks us to carry Him to the valley (the world) below. Our everyday lives.

 And so we descend our bodies aching and bruised for the climb but also from the descent. (Hopefully, our hearts are more alive because of He whom dwells within.) To those around us, we must be His hands, His feet, His voice, His peaceful presence in this world, bearing and sharing His love manifested to us on the Cross. And during our day when we get tired, hurt, bruised, frustrated, may we be reminded that these are our everyday Cross Mountains for Jesus to carry us up.

By: Daniel Hobson

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